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- Steve Rodriguez -

Location: Dallas, Texas

Interesting things I'd like you to know:  I work as a master control operator in the engineering department at a Latin television network called Univision.  While working here at Univision I've managed to meet a few Latin stars such as Fey, Limite, Garibaldi, Enrique, Carlos Ponce, La Ley, Mana and few others.  I have yet had the chance to meet Shakira though.  I never knew that Shakira even existed until I started working here at the station.

The first time I saw her perform on some show I was like mesmerized.  I kept asking people that had worked here for awhile who this performer was and how long she'd been out, how many albums did she have, etc.....  A couple of weeks later I started seeing videos and hearing her music on the radio and I was pretty much stuck from then on.  I went out and bought Piez Descalzos and I think I pretty much wore the CD out.  If I don't get a chance to meet her here at work, hopefully I'll get a chance to meet her in the music industry. Because besides working at this wonderful facility, I am also the drummer for a local rapcore (music like Limp Bizkit, Korn, Kid Rock, etc.) band named Blitzt.  We just finished releasing a 5 song EP that we have passed along to a few interested record labels.  The guys in the band think that I'm crazy for wanting to meet this girl and they also think I'm crazy for wanting to collaborate a couple songs with her someday.  Well, call me crazy but as far as things go at the moment I'm having a good time getting to know about her and her music.



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