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Entries Added December 24, 1999 by Gillian! These are in reverse chronological order!

Shakira's Looking for a New Manager!  

Shakira needs a new manager to replace Emilio Estefan! But apparently this has nothing to do with reports of artistic differences with Emilio or an ugly fight with Gloria. According to spokespersons from Estefan Enterprises and Crescent Moon Studios, those rumors are unfounded and Shakira is still working with Emilio but not as closely. He is still producing her new English album and Gloria continues to help her translate her songs. But when it comes time to tour next year, her new manager will be touring with her since Emilio has many other artists that he works with and Gloria will also be touring next year.  

World Tour 2000!

Shakira will begin touring early next year to promote her upcoming English album! The album is set to be released to February, so the tour will most likely start in March! It is supposed to be a YEAR-LONG WORLD Tour which will hopefully take her all over North and South America, Europe, Asia, and of course, Latin America! Let's keep our fingers crossed that she will indeed tour Canada and the US!  

For the lastest info regarding the Tour and Ticket Sales, visit the Official Shakira Website and keep reading your Shakira2K emails!

MTV Unplugged!  

Lucky American fans finally got a chance to see Shakira's amazing performance on MTV in November! The show was aired on Telemundo, a Spanish-language TV station in the US. Shakira performed Estoy Aqui and several songs from Donde Estan Los Ladrones, including Tu, Ciega Sordomuda, and Ojos Asi.  

Being Canadian, I still haven't gotten a chance to watch the show, but here is what your fellow members thought of the performance!  

From: "Melissa Nile" <>

I thought Shakira's Unplugged was fabulous!! I am kinda hoping that they'll release it as an album like with Mana's Unplugged, but I won't get my hopes up... I would just love to have that version of "Tu" on CD, that has got to be one of my favorite Shakira songs, but also, my God, she did it so beautifully, I got chills listening to it.

The only things that I was kinda disappointed with was the mariachi band sitting in for "Ciega, Sordomuda". I guess because I'm not a big fan of mariachi music, but also, it just didn't sound right to me, and that accordian player up front with Shakira just looked like she was having too much fun, she was going crazy up there singing and dancing. *lol* And also, I would have liked to have heard more songs from "Pies Descalzos". The only song she did from that album was "Estoy Aqui", but it was great!!  


Hello everyone, My name is Julio. I just finished watching the MTV Unplugged here in California. She was extraordinary. She sang many songs from Donde Estan los Ladrones? and Estoy Aqui from Pies Descalzos. She was beautifull and gave an amazing performance. I had the sound really loud and the security guard came to shut me up. It's all good though cause I recorded the show. It was DA BOMB!!! Well this is it for now. Take Care everyone !!!

Julio Saucedo    

Shakira's a blondie?  

Yes! Say bye-bye to the bright red hair and those braids! Shakira has gotten a totally new, ultra-sexy image and BLONDE hair to go with it! With the mini-skirt and skin-tight top, she looks almost like a younger version of Jennifer Lopez!  

Can't wait to see for yourself? Check out the photos on the Photos page!    

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