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- "Me Vale" -

I am an avid Shakira fan. I have been with her from the beginning since her hit "Estoy Aqui" hit the charts, actually a little before that. I am from McKinney, Texas, just north of Dallas about 45 mins. I speak pretty fluent spanish but I am improving every day. I have a friend who live in Cd. Mante, Tamuliapas, Mexico. He has his own band out of Tampico called "La Hoja" and they do a lot of covers by Shakira. Their newest favorite is "Tu" from her newest album.

I actually got to see her in Monterrey. She was opening for EL TRI about two years ago and it was pretty awesome. I also got to see her latest accomplishment - she has done an Unplugged for MTV Latina. I saw it at my friend’s dorm in Tampico on MTV Latina. It was cool, she did a lot of her old stuff plus new.

I like all kinds of spanish music but my all time favorite spanish rock music is that of SHAKIRA and MANA.


Check out my web site under music and look at some of my Shakira pics!


hasta luego amiga

"Me Vale"

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