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Employee Estimates

Mining 8,750 - 1,750 employees per mine x 5 resources
- Roughly equal to number of miners in B.C. (8,500)
Processing / Refining 4,250 - Roughly 1 person is employed in a refinery per every 2 miners
- Of the 12,700 British Columbians employed in the Mining and Minerals industry, 4,200 are employed in other areas related to mining



Transportation / Shipping 650 - CP Rail has 275 employees running the line between Duluth, MN, and Vancouver
- A small cargo shipping company is needed to transport raw materials
- Cargo company should have about 10 vessels, each with a crew of 25
- A numbers of truckers, pilots, transportation personnel are needed
Automobile Manufacturing 2,000 - Only 1 plant needed to replace our current supply of cars as they age
- A small company involved with electric cars development and production
Computer Development and Production 1,200 - ACER employs 28,000 workers in 17 manufacturing sites and 30 assembly plants and produces 6 million PCs per year
- 1 manufacturing site and 1 assembly plant is sufficient to produce 130,000 PCs per year
Other Types of Manufacturing 10,000 - Includes all types of manufacturing to sustain current standards of living (appliances, toys, clothing, household items, lumber and paper, etc.)
TOTAL 26,850